This weekend saw the return of Transplant Sport Satellite events, with 42 people taking part in a five team Football Tournament in Bicester, Oxford.

Teams from across the UK played in a round robin 6 a-side format made up of ten matches. Guys and Wales played in the 3rd and 4th matched, with Oxford and Nottingham playing in the final, with Nottingham winning on the day.

A message from Dr Paul Harden, Chairman - Transplant Sport.

I am delighted to report on a very successful TS football competition held this past weekend in Bicester, Oxford with 42 competitors and 16 supporters.

All participants had a valid COVID-19 vaccination NHS record and negative lateral flow test for COVID-19 on the morning of the competition. In addition, we requested that all competitors and supporters had a COVID PCR test within 48-72 hours of the competition. Negative PCR results were provided from 40 out of 42 (95%) with one result awaited for one competitor and one competitor who had not done a PCR, both of these individuals were negative on lateral flow COVID test on the day.

One other competitor had a positive COVID PCR test the day before the competition and therefore did not attend.

It is important to note the following:

  • Safety at TS satellite events is of paramount importance
  • Confidence of participants greatly reassured by negative tests results from all
  • Evidence of vaccination is important to minimise risk of COVID transmission
  • All participants found it easy to access local NHS PCR COVID testing
  • PCR tests in advance identified 1 COVID infected competitor and prevented potential transmission of infection at the event
Currently in the UK we are still experiencing about 30,000 new cases of COVID per day and it is important to remain vigilant with hygiene measures to reduce the risk of infection.

We are delighted to be back running TS Satellite events but will currently maintain the following COVID conditions:-

  1. All competitors and supporters must have evidence of full COVID vaccination
  2. All competitors and supporters are required to have a COVID PCR test within 48-72 hours of the TS event
  3. All competitors and supporters are required to have a COVID lateral flow test at the venue at the start of the event
  4. TS events are currently only open to Adults and 16-18 year olds who have been fully COVID vaccinated
Many thanks,

Paul Harden   Chairman, Transplant Sport    September 2021