If you weren't aware, The Society of Sports Therapists have made Transplant Sport their Charity of 2019. To support Transplant Sport, the Society and its Members will be fundraising throughout the year, including holding a Transplant Sport Awareness Week. To further celebrate the work of this great charity, the Society, in collaboration with Coventry University, will be hosting the world’s first Transplant Sport Conference. At this conference, the Society are looking to share the experiences of transplant athletes. Some transplantees were athletes prior to their transplant, while others became athletes after their transplants. Their journeys are therefore hugely important in understanding and learning how to best support the transplant athlete. Transplant athletes are warmly encouraged to submit their transplant stories and experiences through short videos to be shown to delegates at the Conference. Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes and can relate to any aspect of the athlete’s story, but should include;

  1. The reason for their transplant
  2. What was their experience of sport or physical activity prior to their transplant?
  3. What was their experience of sport or physical activity after their transplant and how it helped them (or otherwise)?
  4. What is their key message to other people?
When submitting your video, please also attach a head and shoulders photograph of you, along with a 75 word bio. This does not guarantee that an abstract will be accepted, but should your abstract be selected, this photo and bio will be used in the Conference programme. Following the Conference, videos will be hosted on The Society of Sports Therapists’ website. Please note video format should be landscape rather than portrait. Please submit videos via WeTransfer.com to abstracts@society-of-sports-therapists.org. The deadline for videos is 31st August 2019.

Notification of decision

Transplant Athletes will receive an email confirmation that their video has been received. Please, contact abstracts@society-of-sports-therapists.org if you submit a video and do not receive confirmation that it has been received after five working days. After the review by the Organising Committee, athletes will be notified about their submission status week commencing 7th September. If their video is accepted, the athlete will be invited to attend the conference free of charge – registration details will be provided in due course.

Use of Videos

Video submissions accepted by the Organising Committee will be displayed during the conference. Videos may also be posted on The Society of Sports Therapists’ website, social media and with Transplant Sport UK, following the conference. If you wish to provide your social media accounts so that you can be tagged/mentioned on posts, you may do so in the body of your video submission email.  By submitting your video using the instructions above, you are agreeing to these terms.

Further Information