Transplant Sport is run by 3 part time employees and a team of volunteers without whom, the events and activities we run throughout the year could not be undertaken.

Paul Harden

Chair of Trustees & Management Board, Young Adults Co-ordinator

Paul Harden was inspired to go into transplant medicine when he looked after a young trainee lawyer who’s life was transformed by a successful transplant. Whilst a Consultant Nephrologist in Stoke-on-Trent he was greatly impressed by the enthusiasm and peer support of the Stoke Transplant Games team. This led to a successful four-year campaign to host the Transplant Games in North Staffordshire in 2003. We still think the Gala Dinner at Alton Towers and Keele Hall in 2003 is the one to beat; with Nemesis, fireworks and an all night paper casino on the menu.


Since 2003 in Oxford, he has built up a cutting edge young adult transplant service and regards Transplant Sport events as key opportunities to foster invaluable peer support and regain individual self esteem. He was delighted to become a Trustee of TS in 2011 and provide ongoing medical support to Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the European and World Transplant Games.

John French

Treasurer, Trustee, Management Board

John French is dad to Elspeth who had a liver transplant in 2004 and has competed as part of the Kings Kids Team at the British Transplant Games since Bath 2010.


He is an avid sportsman and a competitive cyclist, when not running a regional cancer charity.

David Nix MBE

Trustee, Management Board

David Nix retired from the police force in 1997 after 30 years service. He then started his own company “Scanix”, moving hundreds of articulated lorries and rigids around the country.


David has 2 children, Rebecca and Stuart. In November 1996 his daughter Rebecca who was working in Connecticut USA as an Au Pair was involved in a serious road traffic collision. She died at the scene but was able to donate her eyes, heart valves, bone, skin and tissue improving the quality of life for 74 people.

Following Rebecca’s tragic death David and his wife Jane decided in 1997 to form a local support group to support other families in similar situations. In 2003 the growth in membership across the UK meant the group needed to register as a charity. This became the Donor Family Network (DFN) with David as the Chairman.

As he had links with Transplant Co-ordinators in Birmingham, when the British Transplant Games came to Birmingham in 1999 he and Jane were asked to attend. In 2000 the Games were held in Newcastle and the Donor Bus which was owned by Bill Essex a former Transplant co-ordinator who used the bus to take kidney patients on holiday, was ‘sold’ to DFN for £1. For many years the bus travelled around the country for 2 weeks prior to the Transplant games signing people up to the organ donor register.
In 2005 David was awarded the MBE for services to charity both abroad and in this country.

James Neuberger

Trustee, Management Board

My interest in transplantation started when I was a junior fellow working in Kings College Hospital, London in 1975 and work with the Cambridge/Kings transplant programme. My interest in transplantation remained when I moved to Birmingham. I have been Associate Medical Director for Organ Donation and Transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant for 6 years until I went part time back in Birmingham. I have had a major research interest in transplantation and was an editor of the journal Transplantation for 10 years and am currently Chair of SaBTO, the multi-professional group that advises all UK ministers on the safety of organs for transplantation. I have seen at first hand how the procedure has changed from a high risk experimental procedure to a routine procedure as well as the fantastic outcomes not only for the recipients and their families but also the donor families. I have also seen how the shortage of organs impacts on so many people. Working with Transplant Sport provides a great opportunity to raise awareness of organ donation and so increase transplant rates as well as celebrate donors and recipients.

Simon Elmore

TS Kids & Teens Co ordinator, Management Board

This post is funded by Children in Need.


This role is to organise regional events for TS Kids throughout the year as well as the annual TS Family Weekend and activities for all young people attending the British Transplant Games.

Lynne Holt

Management Board

Lynne has been involved in running TS for as long as we can remember. Whilst she’s now retired from being a trustee, she is actively involved as Team Great Britain & Northern Ireland Manager.

Lisa Beaumont

Kids Co ordinator, Management Board

Lisa’s enthusiasm for TS knows no bounds! Along with our TS mascot – Toni the Transplant Turtle, she’s responsible for ensuring all our TS Kids Teams offer a warm welcome to all new members and support them getting to know the rest of the team and attending TS events.

Richard Southerden

Financial Controller, Management Board

Richard is the TS money man – and as a golfer, often seen taking part in the TS 5 Nations Golf Tournament and golf competition at the British Transplant Games. He’ll help you with making donations to TS large or small and registration fees for TS events.

Team Managers

All members of Transplant Sport are invited to join the Hospital Team where they had their transplant or have their follow up appointments. We are so grateful to our Team Managers and their Assistants for their roles in supporting Transplant Sport members, organising local activities and of course managing the teams at the British Transplant Games.

Team Managers 2019